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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shop. a dropoff at daycare in the morning in baltimore city turns into a car theft with the 7-year-old still in the car and why police need your help. >> 11 victims as young as 17. two men charged with robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping. we know -- what a study shows that teens are doing behind that wheel that's dangerous. a dad dropping off his child at daycare. when he goes back to his car it's gone along with a child, a 7-year-old boy. >> don harrison has been break the news story. he spoke stot own are where it all went done. >> would never in my wildest dreams would think this would happen. >> reporter: she watched it happen in front of her daycare
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on fairview avenue. >> this was heartbreak. >> reporter: a father was dropping off his child at the children are a blessing from above daycare. he left the car running with his 7-year-old outside. he came back and his car and son were gone. he found his son not far away. he lives in the neighborhood and was shocked to hear what happened, but not surprised. >> the neighborhood has changed just a tad bit in the 10 years we've been here. >> reporter: she said it's by design she doesn't have a daycare sign in front of her house. she doesn't want to draw attention to it. >> sometimes when you do stuff like that, on the opposite side of my property it's a wooded hear. you don't know what would give them an idea. >>. somebody's trying to take care
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of their family and unfortunately, something like this happened. >> we're so grateful that god answered our prayers and allowed this child to be back. >> reporter: in northeast baltimore, don harrison, abc2 news. baltimore city police are still looking for the suv. it is a silver 2010 ford explorer with the maryland plate, 28m506. if you see the suv, please call police. >> we are learning about a pair of men accused of abducting kids at bus stops. 21-year-old kenyon waller and 25-year-old william campbell allegedly drove around in a foasm -- ford explorer, plucking
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kids into the car. they were tied to several similar abduction. >> the 11 include 9 jung -- young women and two young men. >> the man would take the victims' identification ards and threatened -- cards and threatened to hunt them down if they reported the crime. maryland state police need your help finding this man. they said he walked into the bb and t bank on monday, pulled out a gun and demand cash. police are asking if you recognize the man to give them a call. all right. let's take a look at this fire. family members got the news about this fire that claimed four lives, a months ago.
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the cause has been identified. they said it started because of combustible materials. arson detectives say the fire was so strong it burned through nearly everything in the home killing the grandmother and four of her grandchildren. let's go to north charles street where crews have broke shut down the -- shut down the broken 60-inch main. because water is no longer flowing from the break, they are able to reopen charles north of penn station but the city is asking us to avoid the area whiled repairs continue. weather wise a brisk and breezy kind of a delay. look at some of the peak wind gusts. in edgewood 38 miles an hour. kent island 335-67-8930 in cambridge. laurel a gust of 35. hickory 36. air temperature in hickory is
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35. so this is milder than the weather we've seen. our nor'easter continues to pull out, still putting a little bit of winter weather through northern new england. under a clear sky a cold night that will end up with a frosty start. by midnight we're in the mid to upper 30s but a big warmup on tap. we got the details in a few minutes. >> first, it was the utility workers hiding north to help get the lights back on after superstorm sandy. now that people have power back on, a lot of the focus is to communication needs. this morning a caravan of 30 trucks left for perryville and headed to new jersey. >> we're expecting to see a lot of poles down, a lot of cables down. snow from the nor'easter.
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the road conditions may be tough, but these folks are built to hand this. >> verizon officials said the company is sending more than 600 technicians north. well, 18 years from right now in the year 2030, she will be able it vote for the next president. from the campaign trail to not making it on the trail to the hospital, this early voter didn't have to stand in line at all. in fact, she beat polls by four hours and still got elected hams the cutest baby delivered by engine 106789 she was expected november the 3rd but she grt here in a hurry. little adrian took less than a half an hour. >> the umbilical cord was still
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attached. we asked if he wanted to cut the cord. he looked shocked. so he did it. we took the baby from brittany and started to dry her off. the rest of the crew got there. they took the baby and we focused on mom. >> i was worried about the baby. i wanted to know she was okay. i knew they would be able to take care of it much better than we did. >> isn't she beautiful? >> the firefighters said in many cases the mt's go their -- emt's go their entire careers without delivering a baby. congratulations, family. some big news for the upcoming baltimore casino. in the wake of question 7's approval allowing table games. ceasars entertainment announced
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a rebranding of the site from harrah's to horseshoe's. >> now that table games have been passed and the restaurants we will add, the increased facility capacity that we'll have in our multipurpose area, we'll build a poker room which started under the horseshoe name. i think all of that together, we believe is a perfect fit for the location. >> the final design isn't expected for a few months. they will offer a variety of games by bringing the world series of poke games to town. they will compete in other areas as well. the casino is still scheduled to open on time, the latter part of 2014. the department of health and
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mental hygiene said a third person has been diagnosed with meningitis after getting an injection in september. that brings the state total to 23 cases. the investigation is still underway. health experts are strongly recommending anyone who experienced symptoms, head cake -- headaches, fever or vomiting to get yourself checked out. we're all concerned about texting. aaa reports one out of seven licensed drivers between the ages 16 and 24 admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. fact this found younger drivers are more likely to be involved in drossy driving crash bs. aaa wants to press the issue since next week is drowsy
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driving prevention week. are the food courts really a clean place to heat? joce sterman is here with some of the dirty details. >> we looked at five of the biggest malls and found mice, roaches and pests. tonight at 11 an abc2 news investigation digging into restaurant inspections. we looked at two years of reports for dozens of food courtings, specifically looking at how many times the restaurants were cited for pests. >> they more than spread. roaches don't know one stall from the other. they're notorious hardy little things. they survive easily. >> reporter: tonight at 11, we'll tell you which mall places had the most citations and take you to a mall just over the
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border in pennsylvania that had a roach infestation so bad that they had to shut down all nine stores for days. now something you'll want to hear. wegman's is recalling some of their spinach salad mixes because they could be contaminated with e coli. they were sold between october 14th and november 1st. if you have any at home, the company says to throw it away. all right. there's nothing better than a good deal. how one of the the biggest online stores is hoping you'll get one of their best bottles of kiante. >> we'll tell you what pinterest is doing to keep santa secret this year.
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>> a droad or your pie. phone, be sure to download hour weather app. maryland's most interactive radar available. you can track and find the latest rain, even way up into new england. we're back right after this. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase.
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where can we find this week's bel air honda student of the week? in the pool of ceres. let me introduce you to kyle rivers. his last name is rivers and he loves to swim in the water. >> just wake up, go to school. swim, homework.
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>> kyle is like a coach's dream. he came to the y and to the swim coach and said what does it tack to be the bessments the coach told him hard work, that he would be pushed and challenged. >> he actually said thank you. most you say thank you and they head to the showers. >> an honors student at towson and an incredible swimmer here. >> the fact that i can get in the water and always come out a champion shows i have tried my best. >> it shows inside and outside the pool. >> by the end of the high school i want to make it to u.s. national and by 2020 the olympic trials. >> we asked name all the owe vents you swim in. >> 400 -- 200, 50 free.
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100ly. 000 i. the 500 free. >> he's better than good. kyle rivers is this woke's bel air honda student of the week. >> i want to talk more about this young man. after our interview was over and the camera shut down, he had one more thing to say. this was about the death of a classmate and fellow swimmer lewis lohan thal. our camera came back on to record keel's thoughts. >> last week a classmate of mine passed away and he was a swimmer. lately i've been thinking about him as i get into the wart and i want to continue to excel. >> that's kyle rivers right there. if you know a student athlete has deserving as kyle, we want to hear about it.
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go to who knows, you could end up seeing them here. speaking of students yesterday we brought you a principal puckering up for a pig. today the staff at bell hair elementary -- bel air elementary got pied. through their efforts and sponsors, they ended up raising more than $13,000. mother nature had other plans. >> the problem is sandy came in town. last night we were supposed to have a nor east are, so the weather has not been our friend. so we are doing a pep rally to get everybody, cited and reregard the children and families and in the spring we will do a fun walk. >> the lucky students were chosen because they raised more than $100 each.
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meteorologist wyatt everhart is here. here is what's left of this nor'easter, still churning out to sea, centered from cape cod. you can see skies remain clear. so that is a good thing. all right. take a look at the setup here tonight early setup. days keep getting shorter for more than an additional month. there's still a little fall foliage, a shot, beautiful blue sky and fall color. we're way past peak. speaking of fall, how about that football forecast for sunday. 62 degrees, mild and sunny. we haven't had a home game since october 14th. how's that. we'll have a good one as we bring in the raiders.
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from the north, winds continue to funnel into the state. gusts are dying down. the peak gusts around 33, all g in behind that plea pressure. nor east per. skies clear today and will stay clear. our future trend model showing not a thing for the next several days, a quiet stretch. it's been a very active pattern, sandy plus this nor'easter. the atmosphere cycles with the very active pattern. that's what we'll have the next few days. finally some warm air will sneak in. we're going to see temperatures rocket into the mid-50s. we'll be well into the 60-degree range by saturday afternoon. we could flirt with saturday by veterans day. this will bring winter weather to new england. at most we'll continue to keep breezy conditions as the winds
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funnel. tonight 30, clear and cold. tomorrow 55, mostly sunny as we trend warmer. that's the beginning of our warming trend. take a look through saturday, 62. got some work around the house. kind of winterizing, get ready, caulkinged window. i noticed home depot they're almost out of caulk guns. you get the idea. this was a good weekend. just get some sunshine, breathe some fresh air, a good time to do it. >> all right. thanks, wyatt. it can be good for your heart, now is hoping buying is easier on your wallet. they unveiled a new wine market place today with more than 1,000 wines from all over the country. the best part you can order six bottles for just under $10 in
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help ising costs. this will be available in certain states to start. pinterest is so popular that it's creating a problem with icers. pinterest fans use boards to keep track of gift ideas. pinterest is launching new secret boards. starting today the company is rolling out a test allowing people to create the three secret boards to keep their friends and family guessing all throughout the year. we'll be right back.
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here's a look at what we're putting together. >> we have two kevinen recalls to tell you about. >> if your child is in college, this is an important top being. how does your student's college rank in sexual health. we have the numbers. that as all coming up at 11. >> wyatt, you'll have on your miracle tie tomorrow. >> absolutely do it tomorrow and a lot of the johns hopkins ones.
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we'll see a warmup through the weekend. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a good one.
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